Prospective Students

The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics of the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences offers special features and opportunities for studying languages and cultures at Georgetown University. A student applying to the College of Arts & Sciences from high school, for instance, may indicate on the application that she or he has an interest in applying to the College through particular departments or programs in the FLL. Those students who are admitted will then be assigned an advisor within that program or department from the very start of the first semester. This enhanced advising process allows students to develop a more coherent academic plan that allows for optimal intellectual and linguistic growth over the four years.

Once on campus, students will find that the preparation of students for the global societies of the 21st century is closely linked with the rigorous study of foreign languages and cultures. The FLL’s course offerings are designed to educate students to reach a high level of cultural and linguistic understanding, a level that allows them to evaluate new ideas and concepts, to pursue scholarly explorations of literature, film, and theater, and to be successful in cross-cultural communication.

Students interested in regional or international affairs, comparative literature, or business, may also wish to pursue certificates and coursework programs