Faculty of Languages and Linguistics Awards Ceremony 2021

On May 22, 2021, the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics presented FLL majors in the Class of 2021 with its traditional awards. Graduating seniors were selected for these awards by the faculty in each FLL program for their academic achievement, intellectual rigor, and service to the FLL and its goals.

We encourage students, faculty, family, and their friends to watch the video award ceremony, which premiered on Facebook on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 2 p.m.

We congratulate all of the Spring 2021 FLL graduates, especially those who were honored during the ceremony. The awards presented during the FLL Awards Ceremony can be seen below.

Small Program Language Minors Awards for Excellence

Award for Excellence in Modern Greek
Lixinyu Xu

Award for Excellence in Persian
Ariana L. Roberts

Award for Excellence in Turkish
Jonathan A. Bigler-Lisch

Certificates For Outstanding Academic Achievement

Katherine Isabelle Eisert
Elaine Lu Yi Wong

Caroline Elizabeth Adams
Sophie S. Chen
Danielle Marie Devillier
Michael Joseph Healy
Eve Carol Inglis
Katherine Alexandra Jovanovski
Barbara Taylor McDuffee
Michael J. M. Riga

Falyn Leigh Dwyer
Olivia Whitman Giacomo
Sarah Elsa Kurzweil
Karena Puakai Landler
Hannah Broach Levine

Lucas Verardi Dal Corso Roos

Peter Luca Cabot DiGiovanni
Luke Patrick Ross

Natalie Jenny Bazata
Brianna Nicole Gist
Katherine Alexandra Jovanovski
Camille Rose Kurtz
Emilio José Luna
Cristina Maria Lopez
Lixinyu Xu

Benjamin Neil Falley
Carl P. Tulevech Jr.
Courtney Lee Wolf

Isabella Grace Antonetti
Ella Susan Capen
Delaney Meredith Corcoran
Emma Nicole Garvey
Andres G. Gonzalez
Talia Kaptanoglu
Jason Edward Radvany
Isabel Phinney Short
Henry L. Stanton
Leslie María Tellería

The Martha Khoury Semaan Memorial Award

Ivana Gabriele-Smith

The Dean Robert Lado Medal

Olivia Brown Stevens

The Goethe Institut Award

Ethan Missigman

The Alliance Française Award

Olivia Whitman Giacomo

The Italian Cultural Society – Cesarina Horing Award

Danielle Kwon Guida

The Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize

Samuel Gerard Cormier

Regent’s Citations

Tiffany Barajas
Olivia Whitman Giacomo
Asha Krishnan
Amerisa Christina Kyriazis
Karena Puakai Landler
Hannah Broach Levine
Leslie María Tellería
Carl P. Tulevech

The Regent’s Medal

Falyn Leigh Dwyer

Senior Honors Theses

Natalie Jenny Bazata
Twitter language ideologies about feminine declension of occupational nouns in Italian
Mentor: Professor Anna De Fina

Jonathan Andrew Bigler-Lisch
“Queer” and the construction and maintenance of identity, power, and ideology in interaction
Mentor: Professor Marissa Fond

Samuel Gerard Cormier
El archivo vivo: El poder reconstructivo del Biodrama
Mentor: Professor Gwen Kirkpatrick

Analena Grayce DeKlotz
Ideologies of Securitization in Collegiate Arabic Instruction
Mentor: Professor Nicholas Subtirelu

Ivana Gabriele-Smith
Love in Sahar Khalifeh’s Novels
Mentor: Professor Elliott Colla

Brianna Nicole Gist
The Impacts and Perceptions of French in Francophone Africa: A Sociolinguistic Study of Morocco and Cameroon
Mentor: Professor Natalie Schilling

MacKenzie S. Grimm
LGBTQ+ Identities Amongst South African Language Communities
Mentor: Professor Cynthia Gordon

Danielle Kwon Guida
The image of Milan in the Italian Cinema of the 1950s and 1960s
Mentor: Professor Gianni Cicali

Sasha Jovanovski
Vratničći: A descriptive grammar
Mentor: Professor Alison Biggs

Camille Rose Kurtz
“Pero, like”: Examining discourse marker frequency, function, and linguistic presentation as a measure for L2 Spanish proficiency
Mentor: Professor Margaret Malone

Sarah Elizabeth Reed
Dark Winter Nights and the Alaskan Identity in Narrative
Mentor: Professor Anna De Fina

Olivia Brown Stevens
L2 French Speaking Proficiency Gains During Study Abroad: A CAF Analysis
Mentor: Professor Margaret Malone

Carl P. Tulevech
A Linguistic Comparison of Lemko Rusyn to Other Slavic Languages
Mentors: Professors Bradley Gorski & Elena Boudovskaia